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Friday, March 2, 2012

"God is selfless love..."

I just learned from Silvana that today is
Women's World Day of Prayer today - the theme is Let Justice Prevail. Let's be united prayerfully with praying women all around the world - this is worth looking at today!

Continuing to share something of the Chapter on "The Inner Universe" from
The Emergent Christ by Ilia Delio, O.S.F. as this is the chapter I keep praying over these days:
"God is selfless love poured out by the power of the Spirit as dynamic newness of love desiring a beloved--to make whole, to unify, to evolve toward an infinite depth of love. God acts in creation as God is in Godself--dynamic love.It is out of this love that we are and continue to be created."

A bit later she writes that "Jesus' death on the cross is the most authentic statement of created life--it speaks to us of the wild love of God, the drama of evolution, and the trust that is needed if a new future is to be realized. The illogical cross is the logic of God. It is the logic of self-involvement that requires a self-emptying, a space within oneself for new life to be born."

Praying these quotes with #4 of our Constitutions that I quoted in a blog a few days ago, is helping me to enter into the "Mystery of the open side of Jesus" and to realize that in my daily Eucharist I am drawn into the gift of Jesus to His Father for the life of the world.

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