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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How Do I Hear God?

Silence is God's language and I keep reading about how we need to listen to God in prayer and be respectful of His silence. I think God is often very quiet at the hour of prayer, but then He comes to us in so many other ways. I get an e-mail that is just what I needed to hear; or maybe it is the comic strip I read at breakfast, or a remark made by one of my community that is so evidently God speaking through these different ways, if I am attentive to listen. God also whispers in my heart!

Lent is something like a desert and yesterday's feast with the Gloria and white vestments was a real celebration and made me glad that Saint Joseph's
feast is on the 19th and we have the Feast of the Annunciation coming up on the 25th so we will have Joseph and Mary helping us as we try to enter into the rest of Lent.
I think God wants me to keep from getting down when I fail; get up, smile, and begin again - when I manage to do this, sometimes, I have the sensation that God is carrying me!

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