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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How do I see the immigrant situation in the United States

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, recently retired archbishop of Los Angeles gave an inspiring talk at the Catholic University of Anerica's annual Dean Hoge Memorial Lecture and it is worth reading online at the National Catholic Reporter's site:

He has always been an advocate of just immigration reform and says that we must "value our immigrants" and get to know them.He went on to point out that "we need these immigrants, we use these immigrants" and it is immoral to treat them badly.
I think the entire article is worth reading.

On another topic, we were asked by one of our Religious to send in three images that spoke of our passion, what really moves us and I thought this was an excellent way of sorting out what really matters in my life. (It is also a good preparation for our Provincial Assembly), I sent in a picture of the head of Jesus, one of the world, and one of children. I do not think I have shared this in my blog but it has been a reflection that is still going on as we heard we can send more images. I think I need to send a map of Chile and maybe a picture of St. Thomas University or one of my community, etc. I am satisfied that I did send the three things I am think I am most passionate about at this moment in my life.

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