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Monday, March 19, 2012

Feast of St. Joseph

Lent is half over and we realize that Easter is coming soon. It is time to ask St. Joseph to help us to go back and not only remember the good Lenten resolutions we made, but give us the courage and fortitude to keep them during these last weeks. I am beginning again!
Some author I was reading lately suggested that Joseph must have escorted Mary to the house of Elizabeth; this is a new idea and one that I had not thought of before. I knew that Mary needed to travel with others to go visit her cousin Elizabeth, but it makes sense that the man she was to marry would want to go with her and make sure she arrived safely. Now I wonder when Joseph had the dream and then could talk to Mary about the child they were going to bring into the world.
Joseph did not leave us any words so we can imagine what his life was like and how often he was alone with Jesus and imparting fatherly wisdom to this youngster who was like us in all things except sin. Jesus had much to learn from Joseph and so do we. He was a man of great integrity, courage, and faith. Let us pray to him today!

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