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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I did begin the writing of my book on one of our Religious.
Now, for the blog, I am back to looking at our spirituality as expressed in the Constitutions of the Society of the Sacred Heart. We had been looking at the section on our End and Mission.

In #6, after talking about our vowed commitment, we read:

Rooted in Him through contemplation
we wish to be women who create communion.
By the witness of our love and apostolic dedication,
by sharing the life of our peoples
whose cultures are rich and varied,
our communities throughout the world
help to further communion in Christ.

I think the line "rooted in Him through contemplation" is essential to our spirituality and to that of all my readers, too. It does not mean that we are not very active people, but we are called to sink deep into the Heart of Christ and just remain in His love and then all that we do is with Him and in Him and for Him. We are contemplative and apostolic, sort of like breathing in and out. We do not have to think about breathing, we just are doing it naturally. I suspect that when really rooted in Christ through contemplation, we do not need to think about this because we just are; and then we can give His love to others.
We do desire to be women who create communion. I guess that is something that we need to work on in our world today. We need to think of ways to do this and go out of our way to praise others, support and encourage them. We all know how good we feel when someone tells us something positive; let us go and do likewise.

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