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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The one thing necessary...

Here is a quote I thought you would like; it is from Jean-Pierre De Caussade's book on Abandonment to Divine Providence:

"The 'one thing necessary' is always to be found by the soul in the present moment. There is no need to choose between prayer and silence, privacy or conversation, reading or writing, reflection or the abandonment ot thought, the frequentation or avoidance of spiritual people, abundance or famine, illness or health, life or death: the 'one thing necessary' is what each moment produces by God's design."

Would that it were that simple!! I find I need quite a bit of discernment to find God's design in the present moment although there are times when no one need hesitate as it is just obvious. I remember as a young religious we had talking at breakfast on a feast day. The nun opposite me picked up the plate with various kinds of fruit on it and one tumbled into her bowel as she was passing it to me. She laughed and said to me "I guess God did the choosing!" She has since gone to heaven, but I often think of her quick response that saw God's will in such an ordinary thing.

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