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Friday, June 22, 2012

Creating a climate for God...

To move along, here is #26 from the Constitutions of the Society of the Sacred Heart:


The community takes to heart the need
to create a climate
which favours experience of God,
sharing among ourselves and with others.
Each day our life together is strengthened
by community prayer.
We share the Word of God,
say the Morning and Evening Prayer of the Church
unless we have been dispensed
from this by competent authority,
and adopt forms of prayer which help us
to grow in faith, hope and love.
The Feast of the Sacred Heart is for us
a time to renew and deepen our common spirituality.
On that day, in a spirit of thanksgiving,
we renew our vows in union with the whole Society.

We all need to create a climate which favors the experience of God. I suspect silence is a great factor in creating this climate; Father Thomas Keating says that silence is God's first language. We need a certain atmosphere that is peaceful and free from tension. I find that many today live with the TV or radio or their cell phones on all the time and do not know what a value silence can be for their interior life. Sharing among ourselves and others is certainly a help to deepen our experience of God, but this does not happen easily without a structured time for sharing.

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