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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Each has a unique call

Continuation of our reflections on the Spirituality of the Society of the Sacred Heart with #25 from the Constitutions:

Within this common vocation,
each one receives her own unique call.
We respond to it personally
in and through our diverse cultures.
The demands of mission and our spiritual background
necessarily influence rhythms and forms of prayer.
Desiring to keep God at the centre of our lives
we are drawn to give one hour each day to prayer,
without this time being considered in any sense a limit.
Each religious finds her own rhythm of prayer
and will decide how best she is to be faithful
to what Christ asks of her and of the Society.
She will discern the method and style of her prayer-life
with a person of her own choice,
with the agreement of the provincial or someone
delegated by her.
The Society offers its members the means necessary
for their life of prayer, according to their needs:

among others    
-          spiritual direction
-          reflection with a religious of the Congregation
-          help from the community
-          the assurance of the necessary time and
space for prayer.

We are invited to say the rosary
and to adopt the forms of Marian devotion
proper to the country in which we live.

My reflection on this will be tomorrow's blog, but one of the things I am most grateful for is that we always will have the means necessary for a life of prayer...

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