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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nativity of John the Baptist

The Feast of John the Baptist takes precedence over the Sunday Liturgy. He was a very special person and his birth was a tremendous event when you think about it. He really did come to prepare the way of the Lord. His birth must also have been not only a consolation for his parents who had been childless and given up hope of every having a child as Elizabeth was too old to conceive, but his birth also was a confirmation for Mary that all the angel had said to her was true and was being realized. When Mary went to visit Elizabeth, she was carrying Jesus and He communicated with John as Elizabeth said that the babe in her womb "leaped for joy".
John grew up to be fearless in the cause of truth and justice. He also was humble and willing to point out Jesus to his disciples. He said, "Behold, the Lamb of God" and Jesus found his first disciples following Him.
I suspect that Jesus looked forward to meeting John as the Jordan and wanted to be baptized with all the others by John. This is the moment that Jesus is confirmed in His mission by the Father and the Spirit and hears the Father say that He is his beloved Son in whom He is well pleased, and that we should all listen to Him.

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