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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

I am getting ready to go to evening Mass but this is the first opportunity to be on the computer to write my blog. We had such a lovely day yesterday. The Mass with all the faculty and staff of our school was simple but moving as all the Religious of the Sacred Heart renewed our vows together in front of the altar and then all the faculty renewed their promise as educators to keep and promote the goals of the Network Schools. After the Mass, we had the faculty awards and one of my community received one for being fifty years working in our schools!
Then we all went to a festive luncheon and then home to swim (at least I found myself in the pool as it was 100 degrees yesterday afternoon. After my second swim, a storm blew up and it was really fierce. In some parts near us there were hail stones the size of golf balls! We were all invited to meet for dinner at an Italian place in the Grove, but they lost power so they were closed and we went to a place called California Pizza; it was a good choice and we could get three tables put together and it was just so nice to have the evening together.
Now, I am going back to reflections on our spirituality but will wait until Monday as today's feast makes me just want to stay with Mary and tomorrow is Sunday but the day to celebrate the birthday of John the Baptist. The picture is one that evokes a desire for God and Mary had that and so do we!

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