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Friday, June 15, 2012

Feast of the Sacred Heart

I think any picture with water is good for this Feast but I prefer the still, calm water that leads me to the Heart of Jesus. We will be renewing our vows out of devotion today at a Liturgy with the faculty and staff of our school here in Miami. The children began their summer vacation and this is the last day for the faculty so they will also be receiving awards and celebrating all of us together with lunch after the Mass.

To continue with our reflections on the Society of the Sacred Heart's Constitutions:


Prayer, the contemplative outlook on the world,
union with Christ in daily living
make us grow in the interior life,
so that in all circumstances we seek
to glorify the Heart of Jesus.

This  is a summary statement and perhaps needs no comment. However, I do think that the union with Christ in daily living is not automatic, but something for us to work at each day. I entered 62 years ago today and still remember that I thought just entering the Society of the Sacred Heart would make me a contemplative at least in the aspect of union with Christ. I knew so little, but Jesus called and I answered and am so grateful for my vocation!

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