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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Feast of St. Helen

This Sunday we have the Liturgy for Sunday, but it is also the Feast of St. Helen and I think I began to have devotion to her when I was in Chile. The school celebrated my feast day. However, my mother told me I was named for Helen of Troy. I knew a Sister in Chile who prayed to St. Helen whenever she had lost something. She told me that if St. Helen could find the true Cross, she could certainly find her ring or whatever she had lost at the time. She really did lose her ring and thought she must have lost it in giving some beans to a beggar. The beggar returned a week later and she acosted him. He still had the pawn ticket so she did get her ring back and was devoted to St. Helen.
We are going to a special Mass today for one of our Sisters who came to Miami in 1986 just a few weeks after I arrived. She has done great work in her parish but is retiring and they will be giving her a reception after the Liturgy. We spent yesterday helping her sort out things and then trying to find room for some of them in our house.

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