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Monday, July 27, 2015

As our lives unfold...

Here are a few skills that help us as our lives continue to unfold. I have taken them from the page the pastor writes in the Parish Bulletin called "From the Desk of Monsignor Carruthers" and it is an old entry reprinted last week:
He begins by saying that our lives continue to unfold and we must enter into moments of transition and then gives skills to help us:

1. Honestly accept where you are on your journey today. To move forward I have to be honest about where I am today. I am not where I am going, and I am not where I was yesterday. I cannot pretend to be where I am not. To move forward in life I must first be honest with where I am.

2. Accept responsibility for your life. There are things that are beyond my control, but I have the power over how I respond to those things. I cannot blame anyone else for that -- that is on me and I must take responsibility for it.

3. Learn to be a good-finder. I must make a conscious effort to see the good that is before me, receive it, and be grateful for it. To focus on complaints only fills me with bitterness and blinds me to the good. Go through the day counting the blessings of the moment.

I will continue with the skills he suggests, but feel these are more than enough for today to reflect on. I guess the first is the most difficult for me. Where am I in this unfolding life?

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