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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More skills for our life unfolding...

These skills make sense to me but we need to cultivate them!

4.  Fulfill your needs for relaxation, exercise, and nourishment. I must seek balance in my life. If these basic needs are not being met, other areas will be off.                                   

5. Learn to enjoy life. This is a conscious decision. It is a choice. Some people choose to sit and stew. Others choose to make the best of the moment and enjoy.

6. Stretch out of your comfort zone. Each day, can I stretch my heart a bit, allowing for growth?

Again. I think that is enough to reflect on today and I am convinced that God wants us to enjoy life and a great deal depends on our attitude so let us make the best of the moment and enjoy.

These were a continuation of the skills given yesterday from "The Desk of Monsignor Carruthers

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