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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Interior Life - thoughts from the retreat

This is the entrance to the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles. I was drawn to think again about some of the really great educators that I had in high school as a weekly boarder there. I also realized how holy they must of been as I certainly thought that they were all united to Jesus and thinking of Him when not actually in the classroom. I still feel the disappointment I felt when I entered; union with Jesus is not automatic. He is always with us, but I still am so forgetful of His Presence. Fortunately, retreat is a time to renew my desire to live united to Jesus and I know that the desire comes from Him. We just need to let Him love us!

Keeping a Journal is one way I see how the Lord works in my life; a monthly summary and being accountable to a spiritual director is another way to see how the Lord has been leading me - maybe often having to push me, but always with such love and tenderness. My favorite image is being carried as the Good Shepherd carried the strayed lamb home.

Today is my nephew's birthday and he is doing so much for the poor and is such a wonderful leader for St. Vincent de Paul out there in California.

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