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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Serenity

These days are so quiet and peaceful that I have decided that summer serenity has set in and I love it. I am really not being productive, but maybe more contemplative. It is just such a joy to have time to be.
One of my directees yesterday was telling me about her retreat. She said that she now would not ask "What would Jesus do?" without also asking "How would Jesus do it?"
How would Jesus enjoy this quiet? I suspect He would use it both for prayer and for reaching out to others. Relationships are so important and I think when we are older we need to be sure we stay in touch with relatives and friends. One good thing about having lived in Miami so long is having friends here, although some of my favorite people have moved away. Still, one needs to make the effort to keep in touch even if a friend lives down the street.
I shall make a list of friends to call or write and maybe this summer serenity will also deepen friendships. I am just grateful for these quiet days! I hope others are enjoying some summer serenity, too!

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