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Friday, July 24, 2015

Sharing some of my retreat

God is always surprising me. When on the plane going to retreat we ran into a storm but I was hearing the most beautiful symphony music that somehow was being picked up by my hearing aids that I felt so relaxed and at peace. It seemed to me that God was giving me this gift (still a mystery as to where that music was coming from) to lead me into retreat. It gave me real joy and I kept thinking about this on the first day of retreat. Swimming in the large indoor pool each day also gave me joy during the retreat and seemed to bring back the surprise of the music.
Here are a few of my notes from the first day of retreat:
Prayer helps me to deepen my relationship with God. Because prayer is the expression of a personal relationship with God, it is unique for each of us. St. Madeleine Sophie gave us great freedom. She said, "What difference does it make how you pray, provided your heart is seeking the one whom you love."

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