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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Seek Growth, not perfection

              7.  Perfection is a long-term goal, and certainly we need to keep our eyes on that horizon. But today, can I try to grow and be at peace with the growth. I may not have been perfect today, but did I learn and grow towards it? 
8. Learn to communicate effectively. It is important for me  to gain an increasingly enriched vocabulary - name and understand the things that I am experiencing- and to share those experiences with others in communion.
 9. Make your life an act of love. Being "for others" takes me out of myself. my pettiness, my self-concern, and inflames my heart with joy.
10. Make prayer a constant companion during your day. Jesus Christ is Emmanuel -  the God with us. He is with us throughout the day - let us be aware, in awe, and grateful. He is the "Bread come down from heaven." For us as a people of faith, constant prayer points to a Eucharistic spirituality. No matter the ups and downs of the transitions in my life, Jesus in the Eucharist is the constant, for He is "the same yesterday, today, and forever."
These are the skills listed by Monsignor Carruthers that help our lives unfold.

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