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Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Fourth of July

Fourth of July means feeling very American - freedom is such a gift! Having lived in a dictatorship in Chile for several years, I feel I really understand how fortunate we are to be living in a free country. I deplore the amount of money that is now spent on a political campaign, but I am proud of the fact that we do elect our officials. If all would work for the common good, we would be so much better off in this country where we still have so many who live in poverty.
The 4th is a day to celebrate our liberty; it is also a day that many begin vacation. I am going to do that this year so know that my blog may appear  (if I am inspired) but mostly I will be taking a few weeks off. I do ask prayers for the retreat, July 7-15 and then the Assembly/Chapter of the United States/Canada Province from July 15-19.
Have a good month and enjoy life! Remember that when we are grateful, we are happy!

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