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Monday, July 27, 2015

Third Day of Retreat on Community

It was nice to have two of my community making the retreat with me. Most of the day on community was spent, at least by me, in praying over what one of our latest documents, "Life Unfolding...". says about community. It is a formation booklet, but we are all in formation all our lives. Community is the place where we are called by God to live as sisters...our life together is a gift and a process that invites us to constant is the central place of our formation.
We are also called to help one another take care of the quality of our relationship with Jesus. It
Community is where I am called to serve with joy. I want others to accept me as I am and I am called to accept each as she is. There is a real value in living in community and I am grateful that I have always been in community. I experience the joy of living and celebrating together with my sisters - I think I need to look for more ways to show my gratitude and appreciation and continue to share my vulnerability with my sisters.
Then, we all form part of other communities and I think the same joy comes from celebrating with others - family, groups, colleagues. and the Provincial community which is quite large!

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