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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Growing old

Some days one feels older than others. I must confess that I now wake up and just want to lie in bed instead of jumping up and feeling the Lord is waiting for me to pray. I think He is just giving me more time and waits patiently while I collect myself and, finally, roll out of bed. Since this is a day when I think 84 is old, let me share another of Carol Bialock's poems:

Song for an Old Woman

It is not my fault that I am holy,
It is all God's doing.
When I wasn't looking he tricked me onto the path,
Knocked me off balance
So that I gasped for help,
And threw me onto my knees.
How could I help it that I landed
On Paradise Road?

The Gospel yesterday had Jesus sleeping in the boat when the storm comes up and frightens the Apostles so that they wake Jesus up.
He immediately stills the wind and waves. I do not even need to wake Him as He is always watching over me. What a grace to know that He is all-powerful and He loves us with an infinite love!

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