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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Back from a wonderful Assembly and Spirituality Forum

There is much to share from both out Provincial Assembly and the Spirituality Forum that followed it. I am glad I went to both and I am also glad to be home. I think the first thing I will share is this prayer of St. Philippine Duchesne.

Lord, You alone are the center in which I find rest.
Give me your arm to support me,
Your shoulder to lean upon,
Your cross to uphold me,
Your Body to nourish me.
In You, Lord, I sleep and rest in peace.

That was sung the first night of the Spirituality Forum, but I have often used the prayer and add my own - Give me your ears to hear; Your Heart to love, Your hands to help others, etc. You can use it anyway you want. I really feel as if I have spent the last ten days with St. Philippine. I have always loved her, but this time was almost like a retreat with her. I went to three talks centered on her during the Forum. I am sorry that all of us did not get to visit her tomb, but my room during the Assembly looked out on St. Charles and I thought of Philippine arriving there in 1818 with her four companions and somehow keeping union with the Society of the Sacred Heart in France. She was our first great missionary but now, almost 200 years later, we are revealing God's love in 43 countries.

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