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Friday, July 21, 2017

Themes to set us on fire

For those who were not at our Provincial Assembly, I would just like to mention the theme of each day. I suspect some of the prayer will be on the Province website but I do want to say that one of the best things for me during this Assembly was the "Espacio" - we just made space for silence and it is always a powerful experience to sit in silence with others and feel the Presence of God.
Here were the themes for each day:
Beginning the journey, Igniting the flame
Tending the Hearth, fanning the flame
Stoking the fire within us
Stirring the embers, kindling the inner fire
Setting the fire ablaze
Hearts transformed by fire

I hope we all keep feeding the fire that was enkindled by our prayer, reflection, and input. I certainly returned with new zeal to live the calls of the General Chapter; I still feel most drawn to the call to create silence.

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