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Friday, July 28, 2017


Oakwood has been having many visits from other Religious of the Sacred Heart. This is a joy for all of us. It is wonderful to hear about the Society in different countries, Provinces, and regions. We are all so international and love to hear more about life in other places. I cannot count the number of RSCJs who have come to see us this month. Some came or are coming for the funerals; some are here for retreat, others for vacation. All are welcome and each one brings us joy by sharing her life with us. We are so blessed.
In Miami, my community always took "hospitality" as a goal and we worked at being available and welcoming. Here, we are full of joy to be able to welcome so many visitors and, even in the midst of the renovations, beds are found, planes are met, and we rejoice that our Sisters want to spend time at Oakwood. We are blessed.

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