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Thursday, July 27, 2017


One day I realized that I was losing the habit of saying grace before and after meals. Maybe I never really had the habit, but I want to have these two special moments of prayer back into my life and began by asking others to remind me. A few do say grace to themselves but, since we now sit at the table and are brought our food at different times, it has been something that some of us have been neglectful about but most seemed willing to have me say grace and even to say it for my table at lunch. Now, it has spread and hopefully the Lord is pleased with our efforts to ask His blessing on our meal and our conversation and also to be thanked at the end of the meal. I am explaining all this as I want to share a Mealtime Blessing that was in Give Us This Day. I have not yet used it, but intend to do so starting today.

Praise to you, generous God, for opening your hand to us,
this day and every day, and giving us nourishing food to enjoy.
Send your blessing upon our meal, and make us a blessing for each other at this table and in your house.
Yours be the glory, today and unto the day of eternity, for ever and ever. Amen  (Fr. Michael Kwatera)

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