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Saturday, July 1, 2017

July is here!

June flew by and now July will seem very short as many of us will be going to the Provincial Assembly from July 7-12 and the Spirituality Forum at St. Louis University from July 12-16. I think I will again be taking a vacation from the blog, at least for the time I am away. I love seeing all my friends, but there is really not time to find a computer to try to write a blog when I am away.
Now, what am I doing to prepare for the Provincial Assembly? I am mostly praying over the calls of the General Chapter of last summer so that we may move in the direction the Society is calling us - to be one body, to live more humanly, to create silence, and to set sail - we need to be where the needs are in our own Province and in the entire world.  What is Jesus calling us to be? What is Jesus calling us to do? These are the questions we are pondering and praying about now. Please keep us in your prayer, too. This is an important Provincial Assembly as we are also looking to ways to organize ourselves for the future. It is an exciting moment as we set sail together.

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