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Monday, July 24, 2017

St. Philippine Duchesne's Zeal for Souls

One of the outstanding characteristics of our Saint Philippine was her zeal for souls. She is so often pictured with a map because she desired to carry God's love to all parts of the world. Her desire was constant and her prayer took her to distant lands and, especially, to Indian territory. She longed for years to go to the Indians and when she finally arrived at Sugar Creek, she still longed to go to other tribes; her prayer was her gift and she spent long hours praying for the conversion of so many across the entire world.

We had our Tuesday afternoon summer social party last week honoring all in their eighties; I think there are about 27 of us and we were given a globe of the world. I am delighted with this gift as I had given away my Atlas when I moved out here and really like to pray for the different continents and confide each to the Lord to take care of each day. I used to have a small globe, but this one has all the countries and so I will be like Philippine and carry Jesus throughout the world.

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