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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

St. Philippine just gave me a vacation

At Westwood, where I live, and Rosewood - both part of Oakwood, we depend on the Sacred Heart schools for our internet access. Last week I had been scheduling my blog ahead, something that was very fortunate as suddenly I found the blog had been blocked. I had no access until today when our wonderful Province technician contacted the school and restored access. Since I could not even look at the blogs I had scheduled ahead to edit them, I felt on vacation and have read three books since I also was not able to get e-mail on my I-pad.
I even went to our movie on Saturday, the second one I have gone to since I arrived last year. This was Casablanca which I have not seen at least three times and loved each time. I love Saturdays, but there always seems to be something more for me to do than just go to the movie. We can ask for the movies we want to see. Actually, we have a great many films that can be watched on our TVs and many do that, too. I just prefer a good book!
Today I want to share this prayer of St. Philippine Duchesne as I do not think I was able to do this last week:
"I am where God wills me to be, and so I have found rest and security. God's wisdom governs me, God's power defends me, God's mercy encompasses me, God's joy sustains me, and all will go well with me." 

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