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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Generative Listening

There are seven principles of Generative Listening; these enable a quality of connection between speaker and listener that opens up new possibilities for transformation and action.
1. Slowing down and noticing more of what is present.
2. Listening with all my senses.
3. Listening to the words or images chosen, those specifically and not others.
4. Listening to the emotions conveyed by the person who is talking.
5. Suspending judgement, not pre-empting, classifying, nor dismissing what the person is expressing; it is her reality as she is experiencing it and making sense of it.
6. Noticing what I do not understand or what triggers questions for me, rather than what I do not like about what I hear.
7. What do I feel as I listen to what is being said--and why?

There is also a framework for Generative Speaking that offers a co-creative approach to transformative learning and innovation. It allows you to play your part in the conversation by responding from the following positions:

What I heard is...
What is clearer for me now is...
What I do not understand is...
What still needs clarifying in what I have heard is...
New ideas triggered for me by what you said, though not present in what you said, are...
What to me seems crucial, but I am not hearing you mention, is...

I think we all need to study and practice these powerful helps for Generative Listening.

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