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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Thoughts during July

July is almost over and I was thinking during my prayer this morning that the first half of the month was certainly filled with the Provincial Assembly and the Spirituality Forum that followed it. I have been sharing a bit of both of those enriching experiences, but now I come to the last half of the month. We have had a death, two funerals, and a sister near death, so it is natural that my thoughts have turned to thoughts of death and after-life. I have so many friends in heaven and I am sure there is great rejoicing among the Religious of the Sacred Heart each time they welcome another RSCJ. We are here only a short time on earth but will have an eternity in heaven. When I died two years ago in the hospital, I really only remember that I was wanting to go to God. Since God brought me back to life, I just need to keep asking Him what He wants me to do. More and more I am convinced that God just wants us to let Him love us.
May we be open and surrendered to whatever He wants of us, but do let God love you today!

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