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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Setting Sail

One of the images that emerged from the General Chapter was that of the Society of the Sacred Heart being "Like a family that decides to set sail in search of new life, a new land. The family brings what is essential from its heritage and wants to share its treasure with all who might need it." The Chapter document continues to say that "to undertake this journey, they must part with what has been essential on land and replace it with what is going to be needed during the crossing." This family is also aware that they must be ever more united to be able to face what is yet unknown and "to share the Love that is their way of life."
We have set sail and are still seeking new frontiers. We have grown as the Sacred Heart family includes Associates, colleagues, all our alums, friends, parents of our children, etc. Let us go forth to reveal God's love wherever we are.
Our most recent country is Vietnam where we have just opened a new community.

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