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Sunday, September 23, 2018

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today I am using the reflection on this Sunday's Gospel by Father Joseph Donders (1929-2013) found in "Give Us This Day":

"The world does not respect people because they are people. It respects people because they are influential, because they are important...
Jesus said: "Nobody among you should be called master, or teacher, or father." When they asked him who was the most important, he called a small, smelly, unwashed street boy over and said to them:'This one.'
This Jesus, our universal king, showed us that our whole attitude should change, that our world should change in a revolutionary way, that we should respect all people for the simple fact that they happen to be God's people...that we should respect all people because Jesus knows their names...
He is not interested in their cars, in the quality of their clothes, in their degrees, in their prizes and awards, ... He knows their names. He knows them, and He wishes them all well, and all they need.
And that is how we should behave..."

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