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Friday, September 21, 2018

The importance of Prayer

Pray as you can, not as you can't! The important thing is to pray! Just show up and let God act. He really wants to love us and we are crazy if we think we are too busy to pray. Ruth Burrows has this to say and I find it consoling: "...a life that is truly Christian is all prayer. For God's 'chosen', life is an unceasing desire expressed in their practical choosing of the divine will in all that happens. It is being there for God's coming in all the details of life, loving, purifying, transforming. Solitary prayer, liturgical prayer ad the prayer of grace-filled activity are one and the same great work of God and our cooperation with it. All three are necessary; they are interdependent and nourish one another."

I hope my readers are taking time to reflect on their own relationship with God. Our prayer is really just furthering our relationship with all three Persons in the Trinity and God takes the initiative. Let us abandon ourselves into God's hands and let Him mold us as He wills.

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