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Friday, September 14, 2018

Let God control our prayer

"What does it mean in practice to say that we must be there for God and let God control our prayer, let God act? Does it mean we remain inert, completely passive? No, decidedly not! The essential thing we have to do is believe in the enfolding, nurturing, transforming Love of God which is the Reality: the Reality that is absolutely, totally there whether we avert to It or not. Prayer, for our side, is a deliberate decision to avert to It, to respond to It in the fullest way we can. To do this we must set time aside to devote exclusively to the 'Yes' of faith." 

That excerpt is found on p.5 in The Essence of Prayer by Ruth Burrows who then adds this quote from Julian of Norwich:

"God of Thy goodness, give me Thyself: for Thou art enough to me, and I may nothing ask that is less that may be full worship to Thee; and if I ask anything that is less, ever me wanteth-but only in Thee I have all."

Ruth says that if we are convinced that this is the heart of prayer, this basic decision to remain open to the inflowing of divine love, then we shall understand that we can choose any method we like to help us maintain this basic desire and intention.
And I add, just be there, show up and let God love you! He just wants you and does not need your thoughts or words, just be present to God who is always present to you.

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