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Monday, September 17, 2018

Intimacy with God

In her Essence of Prayer, Ruth Burrows, OCD, assures us that intimacy with God is not only possible, but it is what God desires of each of us. She writes: "How do we attain to intimacy with God? Or, rather, how do we enter into the intimacy offered? We must be certain that no wooing is necessary. ...
Here is someone who is love itself, the very fount of our existence, enfolding us, inviting us to receive him, drawing us to his heart. All these human expressions are totally inadequate.... It is not easy to speak properly of a deep human relationship: how much more so when on of the partners is God."

And yet, I believe we are called to try to put into words our relationship with God. Words will never be adequate, but we can try to express what happens to us when we go to pray. Having spent years as a spiritual director, I know that some people struggle to put into words their relationship with God; others find ways to speak of the intimacy they experience in prayer. The times I have had a spiritual director who seems to really understand me, has made it possible to express at least something of my experience of God. I think we need to keep trying as it makes it more real for ourselves.

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