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Saturday, September 1, 2018

I am at sea...

The first day of September brings thoughts of Autumn: raking leaves, harvesting crops, returning to school, and feeling new energy from the brisk air. Some parts of the country may still be in summer, but I love to look at the pictures on paths into woods that are aglow with color.

I am still trying to map my interior journey. We have talked much about our Saint Philippine setting forth on the Rebecca, a ship that took weeks to cross the ocean to bring her to our country. We are celebrating the bicentennial of the Society in America as Philippine and her four companions arrived 200 years ago and began the first school of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles. My grandmother and her sisters all attended this dear convent and I was a boarder there for high school from 1944-1948. I loved it and was home for three nights and had four nights at school. I wanted to focus on the fact that the Chapter 2016 spoke of us setting sail, having "Rebecca moments" and this has made me think again about my inner journey as being in a boat headed for my final destination. Jesus is the captain and the crew is exceptional so I am just enjoying the ride. Others are in the boat with me. I think that we do find some harbors and sail in and dock our boat for a time, but we soon continue our journey, trusting our Captain.

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