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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Get out of the boat and walk on water...

Today I want to begin sharing with you some of the wisdom of prayer from a book I often go back to when I feel the need of some inspiration for my own prayer. It is The Essence of Prayer
by Ruth Burrows and was first published in 2006 - one of the few books on prayer that I brought with me to Oakwood.

She says: "Let us assume that we do want God, or, at least, we want to want God, wobbly and weak though we know ourselves to be. 'If it is you, bid me come to you upon the waters.' (Mt 14:28) It is the Lord and he says: 'Come!' So we can confidently enter into the Mystery that is God, relying solely on Jesus and not at all on ourselves."

I will share more tomorrow.

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