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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Our search for the Beloved

Another passage that I have found helpful from Ruth Burrows is this one that speaks of our search for Jesus: "When we search for him in the Scriptures we have already found him. He is with us, at a level we do not perceive and cannot perceive, touching our inmost depth and working within us, infusing light, inflaming the will."...Our seeking in Scripture must be like that if the bride in the Song of Songs: all heart, never a merely intellectual effort...Our search for the Beloved in the revealed Word means that our times of silent prayer have content... Jesus draws us to himself not for himself but so as to take us to the Father."

That was more than one passage as I just keep adding some of what I had underlined the first time I read this book. I figure that if it helped me, it may help at least some of my readers.

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