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Monday, April 1, 2019

April Fools Day

Today is April Fool's Day but it is also now the fourth week of Lent and I seem to be filled with joy and wonder what this season this year is doing with me. I did remind our new community director that it is a good time for us to have the Sacrament of Healing again. When I was studying at St. Louis University I would go to the monthly Mass at the College Church where anyone who wanted to receive the Sacrament of Healing just came and the priest would go down the middle aisle at the noon Mass and anoint all who stood with their hands out. Here we have had beautiful ceremonies during Mass. The Sacrament is for anyone who wants to be healed even if it is not a physical healing. And, as the Dominican who used to give it to us here always stressed, the Sacrament forgives all your sins.

I am preparing a mini retreat for the mothers in my spirituality group. We will go to Villa Maria del Mar on Thursday after Mass and return by 3:00. It is such a short time that I think I will just give them some suggestions to pray over during the morning and then we have lunch together and time for sharing after that. I am hoping for good weather so we can pray by the ocean.
One suggestion might be just to get in touch with where we are on our inner journey. What do I desire? Am I feeling comfortable with God? What might God be telling me at this moment in my life?
I throw these questions out for all of us to use for reflection this week.

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