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Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy Easter Monday!

Easter Monday is still a celebration and Catholic schools are usually closed so the Joy of Easter is celebrated in many ways. The Easter egg hunts are over, but many children are playing with Easter bunnies, or tiny chickens (I hoped these are stuffed toys as  animals are not play things and seldom last the Easter season). We will have games here at Oakwood in the afternoon. 

I think that Jesus really wants us to be happy and enjoy life; He goes about bringing consolation to many during this Easter season so let us be attentive to His Presence in whatever way He comes.  And perhaps He is asking us to bring some joy to others by our visits, or taking time to listen to someone, or bringing joy to one who is lonely or suffering. He took one of my special friends here at Oakwood home to be with Him early on Easter morning.

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