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Friday, April 12, 2019

Learning and Loving

This is the last paragraph of an interesting article in the Tablet on a topic that is getting to be of interest to many today.

"The issue of gender identity raises profound
questions about human nature. What was

thought obvious stands in need of investiga-
tion. However, perhaps the first step in stilling

this storm is not to think of gender identity
as something unspeakable. It is perhaps help-
ful to separate out practical issues, using

medical reasoning and legal reasoning and
pastoral reasoning as we would with other
issues. Perfect love casts out fear and when
irrational fear is cast aside what remain are

challenges common to other human situa-
tions. Perhaps then we will discover that being

trans is one more way to be human and one
more way to be Catholic."
Professor David Albert Jones of the
Anscombe Bioethics Centre is developing a
project at St Mary’s University, Twickenham
with Dr Claire Jenkins to engage with trans
people who are Catholic to help develop a
Catholic understanding of gender identity.
The views he expresses here are his own...

 It is amazing the number of people now who are wanting to change their gender for they have never been happy as male or maybe female, although I have read that fewer women seem to want to be men. I think this is a topic we need to know more about and definitely need to love each transgender person and accept them as I am sure God does. Actually, I have not worded this well; some feel that they are women in a man's body and vice versa. They just do not feel at home in their sex and this is important for their identity. I guess I am struggling to understand but I feel for those who are changing gender. 

Here is a quote that I like:
"When we work from a place of knowing who we are and how much we're loved, that we have a purpose and all will be well no matter the result, then we're doing work that heals". - @holleygerth

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