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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Palm Sunday

There ar.
e three form for beginning the celebration of this Sunday which also marks the beginning of Holy Week: the first is when the palms are blessed in a place distinct from the Church and then the people carry palm branches in procession to the Church. The second is a solemn entrance with the faithful holding branches and then there is the blessing of branches and the proclamation of the Lord's entrance into Jerusalem takes place. The third form is for other Masses on this Sunday and just has a simple entrance.

The entrance antiphon: "Six days before the Passover, when the Lord came into the city of Jerusalem, the children ran to meet him; in their hands they carried palm branches and with a loud voice cried out: Hosanna in the highest! …"

Today is a day to remember how fickle we can be. Some of the same crowd that hailed the entrance of Jesus to Jerusalem may have been in the crowd that cried our "Crucify him!"  Let us ask Our Lady to be with us as we accompany Jesus during this Holy Week.

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