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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Joyful Prayer

Sometimes I feel I am at sea. It is a peaceful feeling as Jesus is in the boat with me. It means that I am still on a journey, but do not need to worry as Jesus is steering the boat. 

Father James Martin, SJ, in "Teach Us To Pray" has a reflection on the joyful prayer in Lent. He says that the aim of the liturgical season is a preparation for Easter. Some of that preparation is repentance, which does include considering our sinful patterns and attitudes. But the word the Gospels use is metanoia, a change of mind and heart. 
At the end, Father Martin asks us to remember two things: "Christ is already risen and will help you through the Spirit. And, second, the metanoia to which God calls you will lead you, and others, to a more joyful life. Happy Lent!"

This Lent has been joyful for me in so many ways, but I am also conscious of wanting to be with Jesus as He is still suffering in the plight of so many refugees, immigrants, children who are separated from their parents, those who are homeless, hungry, and alone.

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