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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Jesus comes when we do not expect Him

The Apostles were together that first Easter Sunday, except for Thomas. They were frightened and had locked the doors. They had great fear for they knew that the soldiers had crucified Jesus and they were afraid that they would come for his friends. They also had feelings of sorrow, remorse, and uneasiness because they had abandoned Jesus in the garden when the soldiers captured him. They also must have been confused because the women had said He had risen as Jesus had said He would; Peter and John had been to see the empty tomb. Later Peter would say that Jesus had come to Him but Peter was still so moved that he could not talk about it. While they are discussing all that had happened since Jesus had washed their feet and taken bread and said, "This is my body...", Jesus appears in their midst. Locked doors are no obstacle for the Risen Lord. His greeting is one of peace. He will go about for the next forty days bringing peace and consolation to many. This is what Jesus still does during the Easter season! Be ready to welcome the Risen Lord whenever He comes to console you; He desires that you have a share in His Joy!

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