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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Wednesday of Holy Week

Christ's Heart was pierced on the cross and blood and water flowed out of it. He is also Living Water and His Heart is always open for us. St. Madeleine Sophie often spoke of how we are to draw out His Love and then give this Love to others. I think that Holy Thursday shows us how much Jesus loves us. First, He washes the feet of his disciples; a task that even the servants were not asked to do. Then, during the meal, His Love creates a way to remain with us when He institutes the Holy Eucharist and tells those at the table to "Do this in remembrance of me." He knows that one of His chosen twelve is betraying Him; one of His special friends is going to deny Him. All will abandon Him when the soldiers come to arrest Him. Yet, Jesus loves to the end. His love pours itself out and He wants only to love us and let His love spread throughout the world.

Judas arranges to betray Jesus - how can I make up for the times I have betrayed the One who loves me unconditionally?

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