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Monday, July 15, 2019

Feast of St. Bonaventure

Bonaventure was a Franciscan theologian who is also a Doctor of the Church. He lived in the thirteenth century and was known as the "Second Founder" of the Franciscans for his role as minister-general of the Franciscans. Pope Gregory X ordered him to accept the title of cardinal-bishop of Albano. It seems that when the Papal Legates arrived to present him with his red hat and insignia of office, he kept them waiting while he finished washing the dishes! He was canonized in 1482.

I want to tell you about a marvelous invention for those who are hard of hearing. It is a free Google app called Live Transcribe but only works on Android machines. I read about it and went to Best Buy and bought their cheapest phone for $59.99, downloaded the free app and have enjoyed it for eight days now and really find it is helpful. It is very good about picking up speech and transcribing it more accurately than most captioning devices. I can get the homilies in the Chapel, hear people who often are difficult for me to lip read, use it in our dining room, if not too much background noise and, since my phone's captions have not been working, I put this new app next to the speaker phone and read everything my brother wanted to tell me.
I did not activate the phone as I have my I-phone which I do not really use unless driving myself or when out by myself. This new phone will not cost me anything but works on wi-fi with the new, free app. I think I am getting another Sister here to try it as it is very helpful and the transcriptions will remain for three days unless you want to delete them before that. I think I can even read out loud a quote I want to keep and copy it later without having to keep the book or article. I am sure this is going to be very useful for me and want to spread the good news!

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