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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Friends are such a gift!

A good friend from Miami is here visiting me and that gives me great joy. One of the talks that influenced me during our retreat was the one on friendship and the gratitude we owe our apostolic friends. It made me want to write to some just to tell them how grateful I am for their friendship. Many are now my friends in Heaven. I will be going to Villa Maria del Mar from Monday to Friday for a few days of retreat. However, I will schedule my blogs ahead as I intend to share with you some of the development of my own prayer life that I shared with the community. I mentioned the Letter of Reverend Mother de Lescure that she wrote about seven months before I entered to prepare the Society for the 150 years since our founding. In that letter she first asks us to spend time with St. Madeleine Sophie everyday and we are to have "little words" with her. Then she talks about the name of the Society giving us the right to enter and dwell in the Heart of Jesus. I will take up the part that made the most impact on me and has stayed with me for nearly 70 years, next week so stay tuned. And do pray for our four days of retreat.

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