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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Mary's heart overflowed with joy

Again I am quoting Pope Francis in Chapter 2 of Christus Vivit":

"Mary was a young woman whose heart overflowed with joy, whose eyes, reflecting the light of the Holy Spirit, looked at life with faith and treasured all things in her youthful heart. She was energetic, ready to set out immediately once she knew her cousin needed her. She did not think about her own plans, but went 'with haste' to the hill country."

Again we find matter for reflection. I have often prayed over Mary's visit to Elizabeth and tried to imagine what it was like. She could not have gone alone; the conditions were very primitive. No roads, dusty paths that had to climb the hills probably going up and then down and up again as it was hill country. Elizabeth was elderly and perhaps Mary had only met her once or just heard about her. Yet here she is setting out with haste to visit this cousin who may need help as she is six months pregnant. I am thinking especially about what the Pope said about Mary not thinking about her own plans. How often, when faced with a chance to serve someone else, do I not consider my own plans before deciding? 

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