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Monday, July 1, 2019

Jesus is the Lamb of God as well as our Good Shepherd

John the Baptist pointed out Jesus to his disciples telling them to behold the Lamb of God. We use this title for Jesus in every Mass before Communion. And the pray says, "Blessed are those called to the supper of the Lamb."
I was thinking how inclusive Jesus was and wondering why the Church excludes so many who would love to come to the "supper of the Lamb." We do need to pray for change and the Pope has said that theology can and does change.

I meant to start with a few thoughts from the Letter to the Society of the Sacred Heart. Barb Dawson begins by addressing it to the "Sisters and Family of the Sacred Heart" so I am sure we would be happy for me to quote some of the letter in my blog as the letter is also including a gift and a challenge with the enclosed document , Being Artisans of Hope in our Blessed and Broken World." She then adds that she hopes that "wherever we are and however we expend our time and energy for mission and life that we take the calls of the document 'to heart'- to our own hearts and to God's Heart."
The document is long, but we will be looking, I think, at the four imperatives, if the Holy Spirit inspires me how to share these with you this week.

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