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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Overwhelmed by all I want to read and reflect on these days of July

These last two weeks I have felt overwhelmed with all the good things to read. First, there is the Barb's Dawson's Letter addressed to all the Sisters and the Family of the Sacred Heart; then the document, " Being Artisans of Hope in our Blessed and Broken World." Now we have a letter from the Provincial Team and so much to ponder as well as the invitation to read White Fragility; that comes with helps for facilitators and discussion questions for each of the 12 Chapters. I am also trying to finish the Pope's Exhortation, Christus Vivit, to be able to share some on my blog. In the meantime, I am still praying over my retreat and have the desire to share more of it. I just need to take time to reflect on each of the above readings plus the wonderful issue of The Occasional Papers from the Leadership Conference of Women Religious on "Our Search for Meaning". And then there are the fascinating articles in the latest issue of Heart magazine that helps me to know how we are keeping the spirit of Sacred Heart education in so many ways and places. 
Really, we have a wealth of rich reading all coming at once. I need to slow down and find time to read all of this slowly. I am also reading the new volumes of Philippine's Writings; this is mostly a reread, but very fruitful for me and I hope all Philippine Duchesne's admirers will be able to read the two volume work that has just been published.
On my desk, there is another pile of magazines waiting to be read as I did not read during the retreat and see that even America is piling up. I did manage to finish the book that has been on the New York Times bestseller list for 41 weeks in order to pass it on as some of us want to discuss it. 
Perhaps summer is a time to read and reflect and you can make your own list. Children are often given a list of books to read. I remember one mother who posted her children's names on the refrigerator and pasted a tiny book next to a child's name when the child had finished a book. I forget how many books were to be read but remember the prize was a trip to a shoe store and each could pick out a brand new pair of sneakers at the end of the summer. I thought that was a wise mother and certainly helped her children find time to read.
Now I need to find some time to read!

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